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Acidproof tiles ATM-1


            These tiles are made of graphite fiber composite material - antegmit, grade АТМ-1,

conforming to TU 1916-002-5382976-2008 "Lining graphite tile".

            The tile is used for the protection of steel hardware, reinforced concrete structure surfaces, storage facilities operating in liquid aggressive media in the range of temperatures from -20°С to 115°С.

            The sizes of the tiles fabricated are (mm) 125×195×10 and 125×195×20. Tiles of any thickness up to 50 mm as well as smaller sizes are available at Customer's option.



Tile ATM-1 physical and mechanical specifications:


            Density                                                        1.75 g/cm²

            Ultimate strength:

                        Ultimate yield strength                      180-220 kgf/cm²

                        Ultimate compressive strength           1000-1200 kgf/cm²

                        Ultimate bending strength                 400-500 kgf/cm²

            Specific impact viscosity                               1.75-2.0 kgf/cm²

            Specific heat capacity                                   0.18 kcal/kg deg


            coefficient of linear   

            expansion                                                    0.85×10ˉ5α

            Water uptake per 24 hours                           0

            Gas impermeability at

            0.2 MPa pressure                                        leaktight

            Materson thermal endurance                        115°С



Chemical resistance versus application medium:



Concentration, %

Temperature, С°

Sulphuric acid

up to 75

up to boiling

Sulphuric acid


up to 80



up to boiling

Phosphorus chloride


up to 80

Phosphorus acid

up to 80

up to boiling

Hydrofluoric acid


up to boiling

Ethane diacid


up to boiling